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Turbo Movie Poster
Directed by David Soren
Produced by Lisa Stewart
Written by David Soren
Robert Siegel
Darren Lemke
Studio DreamWorks Animation
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date July 19, 2013
"He's fast. They're furious."

Turbo is a computer-animated sports comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation. It has been released on July 17, 2013.


In Van Nuys, California, Theo, a.k.a Turbo (Ryan Reynolds), is a garden snail who dreams of being the greatest racer in the world, just like his hero, 5-time Indianapolis 500 champ, Guy Gagne. His obsession with speed and all things fast has made him an oddity and an outsider in the slow and cautions snail community, and a constant embarrassment to his cautious older brother, Chet (Paul Giamatti). Turbo desperately wishes he could escape the slow-paced life he's living, but his one chance to live proves a near fatal disaster when he tries to recover a prize tomato and needs to be rescued by his brother, Chet.

Demoralized, Theo wanders onto a freeway to admire the traffic and wishes on the very first star (which is actullay an airplane light), "I wish...I wish I was fast". Suddenly, he gets into a freak accident when he gets sucked into the supercharger of a drag racer, fusing his DNA with a nitrous oxide on a street race. This incident finds Theo vested with the power of incredible speed and accuracy, as well as some of the characteristics of a car, such as eyes that light up like headlight, and a shell that blinks red like taillights and make car sounds and music from a radio.

Unfortunately, Theo's first attempt to show this power off ends with him crashing a Big Wheel tricycle into the garden in disaster that get himself and Chet fired from the garden crew. As the siblings quarrel, Chet is snatched by a crow, but is pursued and rescueed by Theo at a run down strip mall where they are then captured by Tito (Michael Pena), a "Dos Bros" taco truck driver and is brought to race with other snails. Theo astounds both humans and snail alike with his speed and earns the respect of the snails, led by Whiplash (Samuel L. Jackson), with his crew Smoove Move (Snoop Dogg), Burn (Maya Rudolph), Skidmark (Ben Schwartz) and White Shadow (Mike Bell), who have impressive skills of their own.

Inspired by this extaordinary snail, Tito dreams to revive the strip mall with Theo as an attraction, and eventually with the help of the snails who manage to divert and strand a tour bus and drum up impressive business. At this success, Theo convinces Tito to try to enter the snail in Indianapolis 500 as a competitor. While Tito's brother Angelo (Luis Guzman), still declines to support him, the neighbors agree to put up the entrance fee and accompany them to Indianapolis. Once there, Tito is refused entry into the race, but a chance meeting with Guy Gagne (Bill Hader) gives Turbo a chance to show off his speed which astounds the race track at the snail qualifying for the race.

This impossible feat soon becomes a sensation on social media and the owner of the race gives in to the pressure, egged on by Gagne himself, to let the snail compete. However, the night before the race, Turbo is demoralized when his hero, Gagne, sneers at his attempt to race while Chet confesses that he cannot bear to see his brother endanger himself. Regardless the next day, Turbo is in the race, but the dangerous racetrack and far more experienced competition leaves him trailing in last place. 

At a pitstop, Whiplash and his crew give Turbo a vital pep talk, advising him to race like a snail. Back in the race, Turbo realizes what they mean and uses his small size to maximum advantage with maneuvers around and under the competition that no human racer can emulate. With the snail rapidly gaining in the standings, Gagne races dirty and tried to kill the snail while Turbo finds to him alarm that his speed power is starting to fade. Finally, in the final stretch with Turbo in the lead, Gagne tries a desperate maneuver to beat the snail and gets into a major crash that snarls all the competitors in a major pileup. Similarly, Turbo is thrown, injured with a damaged shell and finds to his despair that his speed power is gone.

Alarmed at seeing Turbo giving up and retreating into his shell barely a few feet from the finish line, Chet puts himself into incredible dangers to meet up with Whiplash's crew to get to the racer. Seeing his brother and friends arrive riding crows to encourage him to continue, Turbo resumes the race. Unfortunately, Gagne single-mindedly pursues him by dragging his wrecked car after the snail and attempts to crush him. At the last second, Chet tells Turbo to tuck into his shell and roll at Gagne's latest blow and the force allows him to tumble past the finish line to win.

At this victory, the strip mall becomes a major attraction with all the businesses becoming spectacular successes including extremely elaborate snail races with Whiplash's crew getting special propulsion aids for their shells, while Chet is content as the track referee. As for Turbo, his happiness is enhanced with discovering that his shell has healed, and with that, his superspeed power has returned


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  1. Snoop Dogg - Let The Bass Go
  2. Another Day At The Plant
  3. Run–D.M.C. - It's Tricky
  4. Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat?
  5. Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams - Drop It Like It's Hot
  6. Supersnail
  7. Meet The Competition
  8. Pitbull and Lil Jon - Krazy
  9. House of Pain - Jump Around
  10. Jackson 5 - Goin' Back to Indiana
  11. Nomadik and V12 - That Snail Is Fast
  12. Indianapolis
  13. Tuck & Roll
  14. Classic - Speedin'
  15. V12 and Classic - Here We Come
  16. Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
  17. Ozomatli - Saturday Night
  18. Turbo - Henry Jackman

Voice Cast (International)

English 🇺🇸🇬🇧

French (Français) 🇫🇷

French - Canada (Québécoises) 🇨🇦

Spanish (Español) 🇪🇸

Spanish - Mexico (Español - México) 🇲🇽

Italian (Italiano) 🇮🇹

Hungarian (Magyar) 🇭🇺

Dutch (Nederlands) 🇳🇱

Flemish (Vlamese) 🇧🇪

Norwegian (Norsk) 🇳🇴

Portuguese - Portugal (Português - Portugal) 🇵🇹

Portuguese - Brazil (Português - Brasil) 🇧🇷

Japanese (日本語) 🇯🇵

  • Theo (ターボ) - 松本 保典
  • Chet (チェット) - 岩崎 ひろし
  • Tito (ティト) - 佐藤 せつじ
  • Guy Gagné (ギー・ガニエ) - 大塚芳忠
  • Angelo (アンジェロ) - チョー
  • Paz (パズ) - 本田貴子
  • Bobby (ボビー) - 後藤哲夫
  • Kim Ly (キム・リー) - 佐々木瞳
  • Whiplash (ウィップラッシュ) - 玄田哲章
  • Smoove Move (スムーヴムーヴ) - 小森創介
  • Skidmark (スキッドマーク) - 近藤隆
  • Burn (バーン) - 斉藤貴美子
  • White Shadow (ホワイトシャドウ) - 乃村健次

Korean (한국어) 🇰🇷

  • Theo (터보) - 심규혁 
  • Chet (체트) - 김정은 
  • Tito (티토) - 박성태 
  • Angelo (안젤로) - 원호섭 
  • Guy Gagné (기 가니에) - 최한 
  • Bobby (바비) - 이종혁 
  • Paz (파즈) - 정유미 
  • Kim-Ly (킴 리) - 전태열 
  • Burn (번) - 전숙경 
  • Skidmark (스키드) - 남도형 
  • Smoove Move (스무스) - 김동하 
  • Whiplash (위 플래시) - 이봉준 
  • White Shadow (화이트 쉐도우) - 임채헌

Polish (Polski) 🇵🇱

  • Antoni Pawlicki - Teoś "Turbo" (Theo "Turbo")
  • Jarosław Boberek – Czet (Chet)
  • Grzegorz Małecki – Tito
  • Andrzej Blumenfeld – Bicz (Whiplash)
  • Krzysztof Banaszyk – Guy Czempion (Guy Gagné)
  • Jakub Szydłowski – Gładki Ruch (Smooth Move)
  • Robert Rozmus – Kim Ly
  • Joanna Kwiatkowska-Zduń – Paz
  • Agnieszka Kudelska - Pal
  • Paweł Szczesny – Angelo
  • Mieczysław Morański – Bobby
  • Zbigniew Konopka – Biały Cień (White Shadow)

Romanian (Română) 🇷🇴

Lithuanian (Lietuvių) 🇱🇹

  • Theo – Tomas Žaibus
  • Chet (Četas) – Arvydas Dapšys
  • Tito (Titas) – Dalius Skamarakas
  • Skidmark (Žaibas) – Andrius Kaniava
  • Smoove Move (Žan Žiuljenas) – Vytautas Rašimas
  • Whiplash (Flegmius) – Andrius Žebrauskas
  • Burn (Dragous) – Rolandas Boravskis
  • Kim Ly (Kim-Li) – Kristina Andrijauskaitė
  • Guy Gagné (Gazė) – Agnė Šataitė
  • Angelo (Andželo) – Algirdas Dainavičius
  • Bobby (Bobis) – Algirdas Paulavičius

Danish (Dansk) 🇩🇰

Czech (Česky) 🇨🇿

Russian (Русский) 🇷🇺

  • Тимур Родригез - Турбо (Theo)
  • Станислав Концевич - Хлыст (Whiplash)
  • Юлия Морозова - Ожог (Burn)
  • Максим Сергеев - Белая Тень (White Shadow)
  • Саймон - Крутой Вираж (Smooth Move)
  • Олег Куликович - Занос (Skidmark)
  • Алексей Макрецкий - Чет (Chet)
  • Александр Хомик - Тито (Tito)
  • Александр Аравушкин - Анжело (Angelo)
  • Александр Аравушкин - Гай Ганье (Guy Gagné)
  • Александр Лушин - Ким Лу (Kim-Ly)
  • Мария Цветкова - Паз (Paz)
  • Валентин Морозов - Бобби (Bobby)

Bulgarian (Български) 🇧🇬

  • Иван Петков - Турбо/ Тео (Theo)
  • Герасим Георгиев-Геро - Чет (Chet)
  • Петър Чернев - Бичът (Burn)
  • Георги Иванов - Вяиа сянка (White Shadow)
  • Иоана Микова - Жар (Whiplash)
  • Камен Асенов - Плавният (Smoove Move)
  • Явор Караиванов - Бързакът (Skidmark)
  • Христо Чешмеджиев - Гаи Гагне (Guy Gagné)
  • Петър Бонев - Тито (Tito)
  • Стоян Цветков - Анджело (Angelo)
  • Елисавета Господинова - Пас (Paz)
  • Цанко Тасев - Боби (Bobby)
  • Камен Асенов - Ким-Ли (Kim-Ly)

Ukrainian (Український) 🇺🇦

  • Олексій Мочанов - Турбо (Theo)
  • Олена Кравець - Опік (Burn)
  • Олександр Пікалов - Біла тінь (White Shadow)
  • Євген Кошовий - Смув Мув (Smoove Move)
  • Степан Казанін - Занос (Skidmark)

Chinese - Putonghua (普通话) 🇨🇳

Chinese - Mandarin (國語) 🇹🇼

Chinese - Cantonese (粵語) 🇭🇰



  • The DVD cover appears in a Turbo FAST episode.





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