Turbo F.A.S.T. Hardcase
Species Tiger Beetle
Family Unknown
Appearances Turbo: F.A.S.T.
Turbo Racing League
Voice actor Diedrich Bader
Friends Turbo
Enemies Turbo (character), Whiplash,
Likes Revenge
Dislikes Turbo

Hardcase is a Tiger Beetle from Turbo: F.A.S.T., He appears in the episode "Crazy Fast".


  • Hardcase is a green tiger beetle with green and light green skin with yellow eyes and purple pupils. He can separate his arms into 4 separate arms.


  • He is sour, mean-spirited, rude, sarcastic, lazy and dumb. he is not very tech-savvy and he always fails to defeat Turbo




  • There have been rumors from fans that hardcase and hayaku are secretly dating but not yet comfirmed.


Hardcase appeared in the first episode of the series, "Crazy Fast", where he teases Turbo that he is faster than him, showing that he is a villain. In the same episode he challenges Turbo to a race, which Turbo wins. He returns for revenge on Turbo in "Hardcase Returns", his revenge plan includes capturing Turbo and taking him to the tar pits so he can sink. The plan nearly works until the crew saves Turbo, Hardcase manages to escape the car he was driving, but while he escaping on the telephone wires, he gets electrocuted into the tar pits and sinks. But later he revives in a new episode named Hardluck Hardcase as a roadrunner parody and later returns in the last episode of Season 1 as a racer.

Episode Appearances

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