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Dark White

The very fast turtle!

This turtle played by the renowned voice actor Joseph Juneau, joins the snail crew in the next season where Dark White is faced with a major challenge that only he can overcome. Dark White has tricked the snail crew into thinking he is a snail when in reality he is a turtle that feels like a snail. He was able to trick them because he was a slightly deformed turtle. Dark White might just be the most powerful character in the Turbo Universe. Since Dark White cannot be seen by conventional eyes, he is figuratively invisible to all other animals in the T.U.(Turbo universe) Along with his many deformities, Dark White is missing a piece of his shell. For this reason Dark White joins the snail crew in order to steal Turbo's shell and use it to cover up the whole in his own shell.


Dark White is secretly in a relationship with Turbo's secret girlfriend, Nicky. it is hard for them to experience love since Dark White is a very big turtle and Nicky is a snail. Nicky's father sees through Dark White's clever ruse and forbids Nicky from seeing Dark White. however the meager forbiddings of a father snail are no math for the zealous love Dark White and Nicky share.

Dark White first met Nicky in the first episode of the next season where Nicky is being bullied because her name sounds like icky( how mean!). Dark White beats up the mean turtles and kisses Nicky right in front of everyone as a testament to his great love for her.

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